Cancer has, now-a-days, become the most commonly occurring disease. Oncology involves the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A doctor who specializes in oncology is called an oncologist. Since cancer can occur in so many of the body’s systems, many doctors choose to specialize in a particular branch of it, such as bone cancer or blood diseases. Some doctors specialize in chemotherapy treatments, while others focus on radiation therapy. Overall, there are best oncologists in Iran.

Iran provides integrated cancer treatment facilities to the medical tourists. Iran has a powerful healthcare system and is also known for its world-class medical facilities such as economic pricing, robust infrastructure, and internationally accredited facilities; all these qualities make Iran a destination hub for cancer treatment.

Cancer specialists in Iran are efficient and updated with the newest technologies and practices. The most advanced technologies and the best oncologists in Iran along with the latest equipment such as CyberKnife and genomic-based tests for cancer prevention, the best care and support of the top oncologists in Iran makes it an international medical travel destination for the patients seeking world class cancer treatment at affordable cost.

The cost of cancer treatment in Iran: The Best oncology hospitals in Iran perform organ conservation cancer procedures and stem cell therapy for treating cancer. Approximately, these treatments cost 1/5th to 1/8th of that in the western world. Any medical treatment cost in Iran is 60-80% low when compared to the similar treatment that is provided by North America and The U.K.

Tebimar accredited hospitals have the latest technology and infrastructure to offer the best-advanced cancer treatment at a cheaper cost. Tebimar affiliated Cancer Hospitals deliver the highest quality and advanced oncology care in a supportive and compassionate environment to all our patients.

Breast cancer treatment in Iran is offered at low cost, for example, a total mastectomy that costs approximately $22,000 in the U.S. would cost you around $7,000 in Iran, without compromising on quality.