Laparoscopic or minimal access surgery is a skillful technique for performing abdominal surgeries. The traditional surgery requires an open cut or incision which leaves a scar. However, laparoscopic surgery uses several tiny incisions called ports which do not leave scars.
Iran is fast becoming the perfect destination for laparoscopic surgeries due to several reasons. Laparoscopy hospitals in Iran are par at providing the utmost intense patient care aiming for patient satisfaction. Iranian surgeons are compassionate and well-trained in providing quality care for the patients. Iran offers the best medical facilities compared to any other western countries. It has got the finest infrastructure, efficient surgeons, and affordable costs.
Laparoscopic procedures are affordable in Iran whereas the same procedures are expensive in the USA and other western countries. For instance, a heart valve replacement surgery which costs $10,000 in iran, costs $12,000 in India, $13,000 in Thailand, $14,500 in Singapore and $90,000 in Britain. Laparoscopic surgeries in Iran, on the whole, would surely save 75% to 90% of the healthcare costs compared to the same procedure if performed in the other western countries.
Iran is not only considered as the great place to explore, but it is also considered the best destination for medical tourism due to its rich cultural heritage.