Infertility can affect a couple both emotionally and physically. It can be devastating life crisis that has a significant impact on family relationships, overall health, job performance and social interactions. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, changes in the eating habits, pollution, and several other comorbidities results in an increase in the infertility rates. As per WHO estimates, 48.5 million couples worldwide experience infertility.

With advanced treatment modalities, infertility can be successfully treated. Now, Iran serves as fertility tourism hub for the patients around the world and provides an affordable, professional, and world-class medical care. Apart from other qualitative treatments of infertility, Iran is considered as the most preferred destination for assisted reproductive technology (Surrogacy).

Royan Institute, a world-renowned leader in the stem cell and embryology research, is an advanced research and treatment center with many astonishing achievements and developments, providing best paper selection awards and best research achievement awards in many countries throughout the years. The center has managed the first IVF birth (1993) and first frozen embryo birth in Tehran (1996).

Twenty years of experience in IVF had helped Iran in providing a successful, cost-effective, and qualitative treatment to the infertility couple. The IVF clinics in Iran are well equipped with skilled professionals and excellent infrastructure.