ENT, which stands for ear, nose and throat are the major concerns of an ENT specialist, also known as otolaryngologist. The specialist has an expertise in treating diseases related to the nose, ear, base of the skull, throat and structures of the neck and head. The study of otolaryngology is one of the oldest surgical speciality in the field of medicine conducted at the best ENT hospitals.

An otolaryngologist is known by some of the other names as well, including ear nose and throat doctor, nose doctor, throat doctor and ENT doctor. The specialized area of an ENT specialist includes treatment of the ear disorders, including both surgical and medical treatments of hearing loss, ear infections, ear noise (tinnitus), balance disorders, cranial and facial nerve disorders.

Problems in the throat are characterized by eating and communicating disorders caused by diseases inflicted on the upper aero-digestive tract and larynx (voice box). Adenoidectomy or removal of tonsils is a surgical procedure conducted by a throat doctor in this case.

Treating sinuses and issues in the nasal cavity is one of the primary skills of an ENT. Advanced endoscopic surgery for nasal disorders and sinuses are treated by an ear, nose and throat doctor.

Typically, ear surgery is done to correct impairment or hearing loss. Surgical procedures such as Tympanoplasty (correction of ear drum), Stapedectomy (elimination of bones in the middle ear), Cochlear implants are some of the ENT surgical procedures.

An ear, nose and throat doctor treats infectious diseases in the head and neck areas, and performs cosmetic surgery along with taking care of reconstructive surgery. Tracheotomy (in the tranche) and radical neck dissection are the ENT surgical procedures conducted by an otolaryngologist.

Treatment for diseases of the ear, nose and throat are conducted at all top-notch ENT hospitals across the world. Pediatric ENT specialists help treat children with disorders of the neck and head.

The cost of ENT surgeries varies from country to country, depending upon the facilities and services offered by the hospitals, location of hospital and years of experience of the ENT specialist. There are hundreds of ENT clinics and hospitals worldwide, giving you abundant choice to make a decision.