Since time immemorial, we humans from all over the world have been looking for options to enhance our physical appearance. Physical perfection not only brings an attractive look but also boosts the person’s self-esteem and brings out the positivity in people.
Cosmetic surgery Iran
Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery has evolved tremendously in Iran over a few decades to correct several defects. Iran offers multiple cosmetic surgeries with the availability of many specialists. Using several latest techniques in carrying out corrective procedures, cosmetic surgery in Iran has turned out to be a favorite destination for people worldwide. Additionally, the use of safer anesthesia and a faster recovery with natural looking results has made Iran a lucrative destination for cosmetic surgeries. Iran offers a wide range of options for every aspect of your body.
Cosmetic surgeon Iran
Cosmetic surgeons in Iran are well trained, highly skilled and carry out the best experience. Communication is never a barrier as the surgical team members speak fluent English.

Comparing the costs of plastic surgery in Iran with many of the western countries such as US, UK, Australia, Canada has shown a 60%-90% lower price in the developing nation. Several patients from the US and other western countries are traveling to the developing nation to access less-expensive procedures such as rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. For an instance, the cost of breast augmentation in the US is around $6,000 while in Iran it can be done for $2,500. The cost is much less even after considering the airfare. Liposuction cost in Iran is around $2,000 while in the US it is approximately $6,100. Dental cosmetic surgery in Iran costs about ten times less as compared to the procedure overseas.