Cardiology deals with diseases of the heart. According to WHO, around 17.3 million deaths occur per year due to conditions related to the heart. The reasons for its high prevalence include sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, lack of proper sleep, and stress. With such a massive global burden, there is a greater requirement for good hospitals and well-experienced doctors.

Iranian hospitals are considered as the destination points for cardiac care. The cardiac care in Iran is exemplary because, the hospitals are certified, the costs of the procedures are affordable and comparatively low, there is well-qualified team of doctors, with the excellent infrastructure. All the common cardiology procedures are available in Iran, including angioplasty, stent placement, bypass surgery, and valve replacements.

One of the main reasons why Iranian hospitals are considered as a hub for cardiac care is cost. Cardiology procedures such as heart valve replacement costs $170,000 in the United States and $9,500 in India whereas, $6,600 in Iran.  The most common procedure performed for heart blockage is bypass surgery. The bypass surgery in Iran costs $5,500 whereas in the United States it costs $123,000. There is a clear-cut cost advantage of getting a heart surgery done in Iran.