Tebimar Care Network

Together, we can improve care everywhere.

Love what you do again.

Remember why you got into this business? We can help you focus more on helping families again. When you join the Tebimar Care Network, you’ll get:

  • a complete operations solution
  • access to more great physicians
  • more time to focus on care quality and growing your business.

Join us—and the first national health tourism care network in Iran

We’re partnering with top local tourism agencies to deliver high-touch care on a national scale. We’re also forming partnerships with health system providers, payers, and other organizations along the care continuum. Together, we’re building a first-of-its-kind national network to support better, more reliable health tourism.

Interested in learning more? Weʼd love to talk.

We’re looking for partners who believe there are better ways to support tourism who need care—and are excited to work with us to modernize our industry.

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