Tebimar is a medical tourism and healthcare service provider in Iran, a pioneering national network of health care agencies. Tebimar is the company ever to try to bring scalable workforce management and technology expertise together with the high-touch, personalized care of local health care agencies. A team of skilled, experienced professionals, it focuses on medical tourism, tours and travel services for international patients from middle east and other countries. Since founding Tebimar, our team has been committed to helping improve the quality of life for patients, our partners, and local agency owners. Tebimar’s main purpose is to offer medical tourism services based on various aspects in scientific specializations, providing the most recent medical equipment, employing professional and experienced physicians and managers to satisfied clients from start to finish. Tebimar can help with …

  • Free consultation to diagnose patient’s diseases (health problems) and to choose the best personalize package
  • Arranging the patient’s treatment at medical centers with flexible and tailor-made packages
  • Organizing flights and accommodation for patients and his accompaniment.
  • Liaising patient with the doctors and accompanying with an interpreter speaking patient’s language during his stay.
  • Take advantage of sightseeing or shopping at patient’s destination.

Our services are planned and scheduled in advance. We adhere strongly to the medical ethics and standards and use our international knowledge in the field of medical tourism in Iran to deliver cost-effective, timely, safe and quality services. In fact, we cater to all the nuances of medical tourism and guide you through every step.

We try to understand your expectations and give the best services for your medical travel to Iran. We examine your medical condition comprehensively and suggest a customized mix of hospitals, clinics, and top surgeons. All Tebimar medical treatments’ costs are 40 to 200 percent cheaper than those in other countries.